Hugging Face

We offer wrappers for generative transformers from Hugging Face’s transformers repository for fine-tuning and evaluating in ParlAI.


To use GPT2, run your command with the flag: -m hugging_face/gpt2.


Talk to GPT2 large in interactive mode, with beam size 10, 3-gram beam blocking, and minimum beam length 25:

python examples/ -m hugging_face/gpt2 --add-special-tokens False --gpt2-size large --inference beam --beam-size 10 --beam-context-block-ngram 3 --beam-block-ngram 3 --beam-min-length 25

Note: In the above command, we must have the flag --add-special-tokens False if we want to use the model without finetuning it.

Here is example output from the above command:

Enter Your Message: Parrots are
[Gpt2]:  one of the most popular pets in the world. They can be trained to do a variety of tasks, such as fetching objects, opening doors, climbing ladders, and more. They are also very intelligent and can learn new skills very quickly.

Fine-tune GPT2 medium on the ConvAI2 task:

python examples/ -m hugging_face/gpt2 --add-special-tokens True --add-start-token True --gpt2-size medium -t convai2 -bs 2 -mf <modelfile>

Other models

Other models are coming soon – stay tuned!