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A unified platform for sharing, training and evaluating dialogue models across many tasks.

Many popular datasets available all in one place -- from open-domain chitchat to visual question answering.

A wide set of reference models -- from retrieval baselines to Transformers.

Seamless integration of Amazon Mechanical Turk for data collection, training and human evaluation.

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To install ParlAI:

Run this command:
pip install parlai


Display 10 random examples from task 1 of the "1k training examples" bAbI task:

Run this command:
parlai display_data --task babi:task1k:1

Displays 100 random examples from multitasking on the bAbI task and the SQuAD dataset at the same time:

Run this command:
parlai display_data --task babi:task1k:1,squad -n 100

Evaluate an IR baseline model on the validation set of the Movies Subreddit dataset:

Run this command:
parlai eval_model --model ir_baseline --task "#moviedd-reddit" --datatype valid

Display the predictions of that same IR baseline model:

Run this command:
parlai display_model --model ir_baseline --task "#moviedd-reddit" --datatype valid

Trains an attentive LSTM model on the SQuAD dataset with a batch size of 32 examples (pytorch and regex):

Run this command:
parlai train_model --model drqa --task squad --batchsize 32 --model-file /tmp/model_drqa

For more examples, please read our tutorial. To learn more about ParlAI, click here.